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Two suggestions for cooking with spices

1: Forget the rules! Just have fun. Take my 'Use With' recommendations as suggestions to get you started. If you think you might like a blend on or in something else, give it a try! You can always eat your mistakes!

2: Start light. End heavy. If you are new to an exotic blend, don't use too much at first. Taste test toward the end of cooking, and add more if you want.

Two tips

1: While some of our blends are definitely spicy, the heat is kept in balance with other flavors to complement and build, not overwhelm. If you like very hot, increase the amount of spice blend in your recipe, or add more at the table.

2: Salt stimulates flavor reception. Too much salt can overwhelm and mute the natural blending of complex, subtle flavors. It also dries out fowl and thin cuts of pork by pulling moisture up to the surface. However, pulling moisture to the surface enhances red meats.

Our blends use reduced salt or no salt. You might want to add salt when you use our blends with red meats and thicker cuts of pork.