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Sweet Carolina Jar

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A piquant blend of sweet and light heat.

Traditional Carolina seasoning blends are meant for pork, but also make great seasonings for many dishes! Our Sweet Carolina is in the "west" North Carolina sweet tradition, but I've married it to enough savory and spicy to satisfy many an "east" aficionado, too!

Ingredients: brown sugar, smoky paprika, cumin, black pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, oregano, and sea salt.

Uses: A perfect rub for smoked, oven-baked, or grilled pork (of course), and an excellent option for chicken breast and beef. It's also great on baked vegetables, and makes a unique popcorn seasoning. In fact, keep it handy to spice up any dish!

You are in for a taste treat when you cook with my growing family of spice and herb blends!

All of my blends are made from certified organic - or "grown to organic standards" - ingredients sourced from around the world. I blend to my own recipes, by hand in small batches to preserve quality; then immediately package in sealed containers to protect freshness and flavor.

The way I make it for you is how I prepare this blend for my own use. I won’t give you less than I use at my own table and, frankly, it sets me apart. The difference in taste makes the extra effort easily worthwhile!

Did you know? Organic herbs and volatile spices are a potential source of superior nutritional support. They provide trace elements that support the immune, digestive, and elimination systems.

I love the delicious flavor that come from using fresh, high-quality ingredients prepared with care!

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