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Spicy Hot Jar

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It's made from pepper & spice & everything nice for grilling!

Use with: all grilled meats and seafood; sauteed, grilled, or baked vegetables; soup and chili

Ingredients: smoky paprika, whole cane sugar, cumin, mustard powder, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, sea salt

My Spicy Hot spice blend has a solid kick to it - without being so hot you can't taste the supporting flavors. And it's extremely versatile! Add it to any dish when you want a spicy heat spike. Go subtly hot, or add more to make a can do either with my Spicy Hot blend! Use it as a rub when you want to add heat and a blackening effect to seafood or your favorite grilled or pan-seared meat.

You are in for a taste treat when you cook with my growing family of spice and herb blends!

All of my blends are made from certified organic - or "grown to organic standards" - ingredients sourced from around the world. I blend to my own recipes, by hand in small batches to preserve quality; then immediately package in sealed containers to protect freshness and flavor.

The way I make it for you is how I prepare this blend for my own use. I won’t give you less than I use at my own table and, frankly, it sets me apart. The difference in taste makes the extra effort easily worthwhile!

Did you know? Organic herbs and volatile spices are a potential source of superior nutritional support. They provide trace elements that support the immune, digestive, and elimination systems.

I love the delicious flavor that come from using fresh, high-quality ingredients prepared with care!

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