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Kashmiri Garam Masala Jar

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A delicate North India family recipe with distinct, fragrant floral notes.

Use with: lamb, chicken, beef, and vegetables; use to replace the spice list in any curry dish recipe.

Ingredients: cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, fennel seed, mace, whole cloves, bay leaf, nutmeg

Each region of India has its own version of garam masala ("spice blend"). Families and individual cooks riff on their regional spice base to tickle their own taste buds. In keeping with that practice, this is my personal recipe, adhering closely to the traditional core of spices, but tweaked to balance the flavor notes I love.

Lighter, with more flavor than the typical commercial blend available in stores, my Kashmiri garam masala offers a unique flavor to any dish that calls for garam masala or curry powder. And, because I make it with no salt, it's perfect for those on low salt and no salt diets!

It makes me smile when it hits my tongue. I guarantee you will smile, too!

You are in for a taste treat when you cook with my growing family of spice and herb blends!

All of my blends are made from certified organic - or "grown to organic standards" - ingredients sourced from around the world. Beginning with whole spices, I grind and blend to my own recipes, by hand in small batches to preserve quality; then immediately package in sealed containers to protect freshness and flavor.

Dry pan roasted spices release unique flavors not achieved any other way. The way I do it is more expensive and more work, but that’s how I prepare this blend for my own use. I won’t give you less than I use at my own table and, frankly, it sets me apart. The difference in taste makes the extra effort easily worthwhile.

Did you know? Herbs and spices are a potential source of superior nutritional support. They provide trace elements that support the immune, digestive, and elimination systems.

I love the vibrant flavor that come from using fresh, high-quality ingredients prepared with care!

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