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Gourmet Boxed Set

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Features one Jar of each of all 15 of my blends--

From the Maple Line:
Chipotle Maple - a finely balanced blend of Chipotle jalapeno and sweet Vermont maple,
Dessert Maple - the taste of Thanksgiving and Christmas in a jar,
Hot & Smoky Maple - a perfect blend of maple sweet and smoky heat,
Smoky Maple - a taste of Vermont open fires in the Fall,
Spicy Maple - a peppy grill and table blend, lightly maple sweetened, and
Sweet Onion Maple - a delightful, versatile blend of onion and maple.

From the Americana Line:
Lemon-Pepper Herb - a sparkling blend of tangy lemon peel and spicy peppercorn, dressed with Italian spices,
Mellow Santa Fe - a taste of the Old Southwest, featuring cumin and sage,
Smoky Texas - classic BBQ taste made with simple, pure flavor notes,
Spicy Hot - a blend of pepper and spice and everything nice for grilling, and
Sweet Carolina - a piquant blend of sweet and light heat.

From the International Line:
Baharat (Arabic) - a mild salt-free spice base with subtle, complex flavor notes,
Berbere (Ethiopian/North African) - a medium hot spice base with a wonderful, complex flavor,
Hungarian - a deeply resonant spice blend with a slight touch of warming heat, and
Kashmiri Garam Masala - a delicate North India family recipe with distinct, fragrant floral notes.

Packaged in 3 simple natural wood crates, this Gourmet selection displays well and makes the perfect gift for the "foodie" in your life!

Buy them all and save 15% over the individual jar prices! (That's an additional 5% savings compared to purchasing any one or two boxed sets separately!)

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