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Dessert Maple Jar

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The taste of Thanksgiving and Christmas in a jar!

Uses: This blend is very versatile! Sprinkle it on steamed carrots and sauteed vegetable medleys; sweeten hot, whole-grain cereals, berries, sliced apples and peaches, grapefruit, fruit pies, compotes, and smoothies; sprinkle on ice cream and yogurt, blend into milkshakes; stir into coffee for a latte effect; add to melted butter and drizzle on baked squash, sweet potatoes, and popcorn.

Ingredients: maple sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves

My Dessert Maple spice blend complements everything! Once you taste it you'll never want to be without it! We use it to replace 1/4 cup sugar in butter cookie and vanilla pudding recipes, and it forms the foundation of our "Dessert Maple Mousse" gelatin mix (soon to be added to our store). Use it with cream in your morning coffee and skip the daily stop at your neighborhood coffee bar.

You are in for a taste treat when you cook with my growing family of spice and herb blends!

All of my blends are made from premium certified organic - or "grown to organic standards" - ingredients sourced from around the world.

My Maple blends start with a base of certified organic Vermont maple sugar made the old fashioned way, over a wood fire evaporator. I add fresh, ground spices carefully blended by hand in small batches to my own recipes; then immediately package in sealed containers to protect freshness and flavor. You’ll smell and taste the quality!

Did you know? Herbs and spices are a potential source of superior nutritional support. They provide trace elements that support the immune, digestive, and elimination systems.

I love the delicious flavor that come from using fresh, high-quality ingredients prepared with care!

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