About Our Seasoning Blends


 Peasant Cuisine: It’s What’s For Dinner!

Good food and good nutrition go hand-in-hand. Good food nourishes our bodies — great taste nourishes our souls!

Our fresh, wholesome spice and herb blends will…

  • tickle your taste buds
  • stimulate digestion
  • provide essential enzymes and minerals.

That’s why, in our house, we cook traditional recipes using spice combinations we have collected from real people living in real communities here and around the globe. We call it “Peasant Cuisine,” and we think there’s nothing better for body or soul than to eat close to the earth from wholesome ingredients that taste out of this world!

About our Ingredients

  • certified organic whenever available
  • grown to organic standards when certified organic is not available
  • in very rare instances when we cannot find either, or a substitute, we do use conventionally-grown ingredients
  • no GMO products, ever
  • always gluten free
  • either no salt or low salt, and then only sea salt or Himalayan salt
  • organic whole cane sugar
  • organic Vermont-grown maple sugar

Our Suppliers

Explore Recipes!

Even a fast meal can be flavorful, stimulate good digestion, and help satisfy our human need for beauty and taste. When you’re in a hurry, try one of our 30-minute-or-less meals.

For weekends and get-togethers we offer some tasty, unique meals in our grill recipes section.

Check out all of our recipes, just as we use them for our own dining table, categorized by spice blend or main ingredient.

Some Reading

To understand the science behind how food affects our bodies and why traditional foods are better, we recommend: Deep Nutrition: Why your genes need traditional foods, by Dr. Catherine Shanahan, MD. (2016: Flatiron Books).

For guidelines and recipes that incorporate the principles from Deep Nutrition, see: Nourishing Traditions, 2nd Ed., by Sally Fallon (2001: New Trends Publishing).

Always Be Good to Your Taste Buds!

Our Peasant Cuisine spice blends and recipes can help you start down the road to better eating.

If you are already on the road we can expand your options and strengthen your journey, while adding taste and color to your dinner table!

Terry Bascom


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