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Unique Maple Sugar & Spice Blends

One-of-a-kind seasonings that bring a range of sweet, sweet and savory, or sweet and heat to your next BBQ, picnic, tailgater, or dinner for two!

"Americana" Regional Spice Blends

Hand-crafted blends from across the United States that showcase our diverse regional tastes! Make a splash at your next pool party, BBQ, tribal gathering, or quiet family dinner!

International & Ethnic Spice Blends

We start with whole spices that we carefully dry-pan roast and grind by hand in small batches, then immediately package to protect their vibrant flavors. You’ll taste the difference!

Looking for Fresh Menu Ideas?

Check out our delicious recipes!

We have tasty, delicious, and healthy downloadable recipes. Choose an easy 20-minute mid-week family meal, or one of our sumptuous dishes guaranteed to make a great impression at your next dinner party or potluck!

Peasant Cuisine: It’s What’s For Dinner!

We believe that good food and good nutrition go hand-in-hand. Good food nourishes our bodies — great taste nourishes our souls!

That’s why, in our house, we use traditional recipes and spice blends collected from real people living in real communities here and around the globe. We call it “Peasant Cuisine,” and we think there’s nothing better for body or soul than to eat close to the earth from wholesome ingredients that taste out of this world!

Fresh, wholesome spices and herbs don’t only tickle your tastebuds, they also stimulate digestion and provide essential enzymes and minerals. We use certified organic ingredients whenever they can be found, and when they are not available we seek out herbs and spices grown according to organic standards. Only in rare instances, when we cannot find either, do we use conventionally-grown ingredients.

We never use GMO products. All of our spice and herb blends are gluten free and either low salt or no salt. When we do add salt, we exclusively use sea salt.

In today’s hectic world it can be difficult to take time to cook slowly from scratch. That’s why we offer some quick meal recipes. Even a fast meal can be flavorful, stimulate good digestion, and help satisfy our human need for beauty and taste. When you’re in a hurry, try one of our 30-minute-or-less meals.

For weekends and get-togethers we provide some tasty, unique meals in our grill recipes section.

We also offer some slow-cooker recipes because traditional cultures cook meat slowly, at low temperatures, on the bone, in moisture, with naturally-occuring fat. Slow cooking protects heat-sensitive vitamins and enzymes. Bones cooked slowly in moisture release crucial nutrients. Animal fat supports brain and nerve function, and triggers the satiation reflex. Over time, all of those benefits lead to eating less and feeling more satisfied.

To understand the science behind how food affects our bodies, we recommend: “Deep Nutrition: Why your genes need traditional foods,” by Dr. Catherine Shanahan, MD. (2016: Flatiron Books).

Let us encourage you to fit one or more slow-cooked meal into your diet every week. You’ll feel better for it, physically and emotionally. One strategy is to start a meal in the slow cooker in the evening while catching up on the news or watching a favorite show. Let it cook overnight for the next day’s dinner. You can turn it to the Warm setting before going to work in the morning and it will hold all day. Or you can turn it off when you wake up, refrigerate it before leaving (after cooling some), and reheat it in a pot on the stove when you return.

Many people start a meal in the slow cooker while preparing breakfast and let it cook all day on Low while at work or busy with other activities. We often make enough to provide us with two meals so we only cook every other day. Sometimes we eat the same meal two or three days in a row. Other times we freeze the leftovers to pull out later. Either way, we reduce our prep time by half, eat really healthy and tasty food, and have backups waiting for those extra-busy days!

If you are looking for a better quality of life, let our delicious Peasant Cuisine spice blends and recipes help you start down the road. If you are already on the road we can expand your options and strengthen your journey while adding taste and color to your dinner table!

Be Good to Your Tastebuds!